Kako y su combo - en la avenida otra vez -

I wanted a winter fragrance and two that have been on my list are original 1 MIL and original spice bomb. Did the cold weather test and both were beautiful. I found spice bomb comforting and 1 mil fun and sexy. While spice bomb was my preference, my wife who's 30 preferred 1 mil because it was "lighter" (one spray to each wrist). Now although lighter, it projeacted way more.

On to the review. I liked this 8 years ago but wasn't into loud fragrances. I like it now (I have bought a couple twists from armaf) even more.
Cinnamon and citrus open this up, cloying in warm weather but surprisingly fresh in winter. The rose note is the subtle difference between the original and all the clones, on my skin the blend is beautiful.
The dry down isn't my favourite, a little too much sweet vanilla (armaf does vanilla better) and soft woods.

I needed it for my collection but I'm not really that excited about it. I kind of wish i bought spicebomb. But my wife is a fan and I thoroughly enjoy the mid notes so, still a great buy.

Later in his career he joined other salsa groups including Orquesta New York, Kako All-Stars, and Johnny Pacheco . To distinguish Héctor from other Latino singers, a former manager made him adopt Felipe Rodriguez 's moniker "La Voz" ("The Voice") and turned it into a stage name, Lavoe. [15]

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Kako Y Su Combo - En La Avenida Otra VezKako Y Su Combo - En La Avenida Otra VezKako Y Su Combo - En La Avenida Otra VezKako Y Su Combo - En La Avenida Otra Vez